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The Shakeout of the Roboadvisor Movement

Roboadvisors, the vice (and future) of the wealth management industry.  Whether you love them, hate them or are somewhere in the middle, the robo-advisement...
Wealth Management

Wealth Management Sector Turning More Toward Targeting Female Clients

It turns out that if you're a female investor, you're very "on trend" right now.  SO relieved to hear that.  At least when it...
Women in Fintech

Where are the Women in Fintech?

We just published a story yesterday about Sallie Krawcheck and her robo-advisor for women - Ellevest, and then today we saw another piece questioning where...
Sallie Krawcheck

Do Women Require Different Wealth Management Marketing? Sallie Krawcheck Says Yes.

Ya know, I'm of the "woman" persuasion and I really struggle with products that are set up to differentiate the same thing with a...

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