Airbus Blockchain Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot

Note from the CEO: Airbus is in. The firm has opted to join nearly 80 other entities in Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Blockchain Project to enhance technology applications, which means there may be ways to apply really cool new things in the airline/aviation sector. Maybe this tech can fit a 300 lb person into a itsy bitsy middle seat without feeling cramped or disturbing seatmates. Bring on the peanuts.

“French airplane manufacturer Airbus has officially joined the Hyperledger Project, the Linux Foundation-led blockchain initiative.  The Toulouse-based manufacturer, which last year beat Boeing to sell more than 1,000 aircraft, is expected to “actively contribute” to the initiative, which also counts companies such as IBM, Intel and JPMorgan among its membership.

Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf said the inclusion of Airbus shows that the technology has applications beyond finance and healthcare…(A)ccording to the project’s GitHub page, two Airbus employees currently work on one of its subcommittees. Correspondence on the Hyperledger mailing list suggests that the company has an internal Emerging Technologies and Concepts working group that is exploring the technology.”

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