Tech Frontiers: Anti-Drone Firm Gets $11.5M Series A


Speaking of VC’s, and we were in another article today, one of the “Big Ones” (Andreessen) just gave $11.5M to SkySafe. What’s that? Well, it has radio wave technology (wavetech……not surfing) that can stop those pesky drones from restricted airspace. SUPER GREAT IDEA. Protection from “bad people” and keeping potential threats away from military bases, stadiums, airports, etc. Surprised it hasn’t been done before. Congrats on the funding. Oh, in case you folks at SkySafe haven’t thought of this application. City high rise’s with big glass windows. Get my drift?
(Bill Taylor)

“Drones are a threat to both military and public safety, whether flown by a terrorist or just a reckless pilot. SkySafe’s radio wave technology can detect and stop rogue drones from entering unauthorized areas like military bases, stadiums, prisons and airports. SkySafe’s radio frequency signals are projected from a perimeter of nodes or even a Jeep, and force unapproved drones to leave or land while allowing permitted drones to fly.

Now just two years after launch, SkySafe has raised an $11.5 million Series A round led by Andreessen Horowitz, whose partner Lars Dalgaard will join the board. It adds to the $3 million seed led by Andreessen last year.
Meanwhile, SkySafe has secured a $1.5 million Department of Defense contract with Naval Special Warfare to provide counter-drone tech to the Navy Seals. SkySafe’s mobile defense vehicle can accompany armed forces in the field to protect a moving perimeter from drone attacks or surveillance.
SkySafe CEO Grant Jordan started SkySafe after graduating MIT and working on anti-drone technology for four years in the Air Force Research Lab. He writes that “we are rolling out a series of demonstrations, tests, and exercises for DoD customers over the next year and plan to have systems in the field in 2018…”

Full Story: TechCrunch