Artificial Intelligence Can Compose Music. Can it Write Financial Plans, Too?

Artificial Intelligence

We’re a little feisty today on the whole technology front, but the press release below that showed up in our inbox was a jaw-dropper, even if it doesn’t pertain to financial technology.  There is now a firm that has composed music with artificial intelligence and in fact, their music was selected for a recent documentary, without the producers realizing that it was AI-based.

So – think AI can’t write a customized financial plan for wealth management clients?  And even if it can’t now, how about in 2 or 5 or 7 years?  We’re just saying…….watch the video below and listen to the background score.  Then think about that financial plan, and find a way to get ahead of the fintech curve on your wealth management practice before it’s too late.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

“Hexachords creates the first music composed by an artificial intelligence for a documentary

Hexachords  ignites  the  use  of  artificial   intelligence   in   musical composition. For the first time, it produced a music composed by an artificial intelligence, used for the documentary “Tunnels de guerre : la Grande évasion”, directed by Anna Kwak and broadcast on March 10th on the French channel RMC Découverte.

For the first time in TV history, a music composed with the help of an artificial intelligence was used in a professional programme which is internationally broadcast.

This artificial intelligence, called Orb, was conceived and developed by the French start-up Hexachords. It is the result of five years working on an analysis and profound understanding of music and musical composition.
Hexachords music was chosen by the editing team of the documentary without knowing it has been composed by an artificial intelligence.

This is, therefore, a unique proof of concept about the capacities of the AI Orb, which is able to compose tracks with the level of quality required for TV programmes broadcast internationally.

video here 

About Hexachords

Created in 2015, Hexachords brings three music lovers together. They work on musical composition, new technologies and their artificial intelligence.

Hexachords is meant to give a new composition experience focused on artistic, creative and musical choices. The company developed the software Orb Composer, based on Orb technology, which will be available by January 2018 and is intended for composers and recording studios.

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