Bitcoin Overtakes Other Luxury Investments ROI According to New Study

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You got your ART.  You got your WINE.  You got your LUXURY CARS.  But wait……you don’t have bitcoin?  And you call yourself an investor?!  The very latest Knight Frank’s Luxury Investment Index shows that some of these “savvy” collectables have been going DOWN. And, bitcoin has outpaced them all…….. times a lot. Of course you can’t drive, drink or hang bitcoins on a wall, but still……….maybe “collecting” some bitcoins are a pretty smart idea. Not the same “flash” though.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“As the Bitcoin price starts to regain its strength following the short dip it experienced in the past week, the latest Knight Frank’s Luxury Investment Index, which has risen in value by 5% over the past year, shows that certain luxe collectibles have been plummeting in value.

While this may not directly point at Bitcoin as the next and the most appropriate option to be embraced (it was not mentioned in the Index), the ranking which is based on third-party data that tracks the performance of a representative basket of high-end collectibles, rules out safe haven options such as residential property and gold as the best options for investment in recent times.

Tide is changing

Rather, the tide seems to be changing in favour of non-conventional collectibles like art or wine, based on its assessment of the performance of 10 key luxury investment sectors – cars, art, wine, coins, stamps, jewelry, colored diamonds, Chinese ceramics, watches and antique furniture.

Since early 2016, the value of wine has accelerated rapidly and has now overtaken classic cars which have seen lacklustre sell-through rates with a number of cars not fetching their low reserves at some recent high-profile auction sales, the report says. Wine prices grew by 25% in the last year and 231% in the past decade.

From dominating the rankings over the past few years, classic cars have only appreciated in value by 2% in the last year despite prices have risen by 362% over the past 10 years, while prices of watches have appreciated by 4% and 65% in the past 12 months and over the past decade respectively.

Using data from sources including AMR, Stanley Gibbons, HAGI, Wine Owners and the Fancy Color Research Foundation, the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, launched in 2013, calculates inflation like a consumer price index…”

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