Blockchain’s Tipping Point

Note from the CEO: At FintekNews, we know that when Blythe Masters speaks, all should listen. She says blockchain has turned the corner from hype street on to reality street, meaning commercial acceptance has fully arrived. Be truthful, a year or so ago you never heard of blockchain, right?

Blockchain has gone down the long road from being a brand new technology that has grown significantly, passed through the hype ‘tunnel,’ and turned down onto the smooth highway of commercial acceptance. Blythe Masters speaking at a forum recently makes the case that blockchain has, indeed, reached that “tipping point” and the article warrants an instructive read.

“Speaking at the Disruptive Technologies Forum in London on November 29 – an event co-hosted by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation and The Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation – Masters said there had been a “sea change between today and a few months ago” in blockchain’s move to becoming a mainstream technology.

“When I look back at the last eight months to a year I can point to several things that I believe constitute signs of a tipping point, where the substance of what is going on has shifted from speculative, aspirational, or provocative in some cases, to actually real”, she said.

Masters is chief executive of Digital Asset Holdings, a blockchain start-up backed by the DTCC and other financial institutions. It was selected by the Australian exchange ASX in January 2016 to develop a distributed ledger-based technology as part of an upgrade of the Sydney-based group’s main trading and post-trade platforms.”

Source: eFinancialnews