CB Insights Fintech 250 List & Infographic

CB Insights
Okay, we admit it, we love CB Insights, and we think Anand Sanwal, their CEO is pretty darned funny and irreverent.  To say we compete with them would be neither totally accurate, nor inaccurate, as they are a much larger firm, though fintech is a major part of their emphasis.  But regardless, they do a great job with their daily newsletter and they’re a really solid research organization, and credit given where credit is due.

During their recent Future of Fintech Conference, they released a list of the top 250 fintechs.  Their categories are somewhat different than those you’ll find on the FintekNews website, but we thought the list was interesting and useful regardless, and we’ve published an infographic below showing the list  by category and logo, or you can refer to this link for more info.

Anyway, congratulations to all the fintechs who made this list for 2017!