FINTRX Family Office Database and Asset Raising Platform


Accurate & Intelligent Family Office Data

Seeking accurate and comprehensive family office investor details? Consider the FINTRX Platform, powered by Cap Hedge Ventures.

Led by its founder Russ D’Argento, a Boston based entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in the alternative investment asset raising space, the FINTRX Family Office Investor Platform is the leading family office intelligence provider and asset-raising solution offered to the investment industry.  LEARN MORE

Regarded as the go to resource family office data and research provider to the investment industry, the FINTRX Family Office Platform brings together family office data and research for its global contingency of investment managers and private companies who seek to increase their family office capital raising efforts. FINTRX provides a unique combination of comprehensive family office data, designed and built for capital raising, alongside an integrated cloud based CRM. FINTRX is built for the asset raising professional who seeks high level investor data, prospect tracking tools, and an organized approach to fundraising.

FINTRX was developed by the founders of Cap Hedge Ventures, a data research and consulting firm founded in 2007 with a specialty in providing alternative investor research. FINTRX is the response to numerous requests for a more efficient, interactive and dynamic way to raise family office capital. Users of the FINTRX platform can streamline their access to sophisticated analytics, live investor data & comprehensive research on both single and multi family offices throughout the world who are actively allocating to external investments.  LEARN MORE

FINTRX Family Office Data
What is Provided? 

FINTRX offers bespoke family office investor intelligence to its clients. FINTRX includes intuitive and dynamic data on the global family office landscape, offering intel on: past investments, areas of investment interest, investment strategy, AUM, daily updates & additions, direct email addresses for 8,000+ contacts, Linkedin profile integration, interactive search tools, live investment alerts, interactive roadshow trip technology and much more.  LEARN MORE

FINTRX Enterprise
Investor Data Meets CRM Technology

Gone are the days of buying ’empty box CRM packages’. With FINTRX Enterprise, users have access to an efficient, cloud based platform that harnesses both innovative CRM technology, deep dive analytics, comprehensive family office data and interactive asset raising tools –  all within a single product.

Seat holders have the ability to merge their personal data alongside FINTRX’s family office data, resulting in an all-in-one asset raising CRM platform. This integration allows FINTRX users the ability to manage all prospect interactions, create and send out distribution lists, source attendees of conferences, track capital flows via pipelines, and create a more efficient capital raising process.  LEARN MORE

Allow FINTRX to work for you and increase your family office capital raising. Spend your time sourcing deals, marketing, and raising capital.
Let FINTRX manage the rest.

FINTRX Features Overview

  • New family office investors & family office contacts added daily – consistent updates.
  • Accurate & dynamic family office data.
  • Create family office road-show list & target prospects accordingly.
  • Schedule investor meetings, conference calls, events, & track all activities within a personalized CRM dashboard.
  • Track prospect interaction and communication via FINTRX
  • Upload and integrate your own investor data & prospects.
  • Track email opens through the FINTRX email dashboard.
  • Save notes, tasks, events, calendar functions, and more.
  • Create custom investor distribution list for all targets & prospects
  • Connect multiple accounts within your firm to share investor data & prospect info.
  • Interact with team members to share meetings, events, new investors & allocation deal flow.
  • Sync all email interaction, events, calendars, and tasks though the FINTRX Integration Center.
  • Cloud based technology – no downloads & global access.
  • Use our 2-way sync technology allowing for real time sync conversions with all major calendar apps.  LEARN MORE

 Contact Info: FINTRX Family Office Platform | Powered by Cap Hedge Ventures | (617) 517-0789 | | [email protected]