Game Changing Offshore Trading Platform Expands Offering


Attention; THIS is a game changer. The cryptocurrency world is a very fragmented place with all sorts of ‘exchanges’ with ‘odd’ names (hey, I’m older) listing cryptocurrencies and coins that are hard to track. Hacking, infighting, distrust, etc are keeping things in check. Here is an answer and it WILL NOT be the last. One regulated platform – Exante – for EVERYTHING. YES, EVERYTHING (stocks, futures, options, digital currencies, indices, etc). I (yeah, me personally) have been searching and wanting this for quite some time. Here is a really good read and will put the major exchanges worldwide on notice. Exciting.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“Trading in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin can be complicated and not without risk. Fintech companies are offering easier and safer methods.
Remember when cryptocurrencies used to be straightforward, revolutionary and weirdly romantic-capitalist? A bunch of cypherpunks were going to topple the monetary system from a subreddit and everything would be all sunshine and rainbows? It doesn’t seem that fun anymore. There’s infighting, hacks, distrust mixed with a pinch of pure greed.
What happened?

The main thing that happened is that these idealistic cypherpunks met cold capitalism in the form of well funded, hyper-organized cartels that weren’t interested in the culture behind the cryptocurrency movement, but just cold dead profit.

Satoshi Nakamoto had accounted for a lot, but Ukrainian botnets of involuntarily mining computers probably weren’t on his radar when he wrote his manifesto in 2008. Even though cryptocurrencies have lost some of their innocence, there is still a lot to love. Altcoins like Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash and Monero each have their own special character and strength. And even though the pioneers of the cryptocurrency market still prefer Bitcoin or the classic Ether, everyone with some playing money can find a cryptocoin that’s right for him to invest in…”

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