Illinois Rocks Blockchain

Note from the CEO: Illinois wants blockchain. All kinds of blockchain but especially the startups that forward technology and innovation AND create jobs. The state is working to remove barriers and regulations to make this happen unlike other un-named states (big city, Hudson river, etc) that have license charges. Great but don’t tell these new startups about winter.

The Illinois Blockchain Initiative that includes both companies and government agencies have agreed on a radical far reaching measure to make it easier for startups to innovate. Radical because five regulatory agencies have come together to remove barriers and some regulations for the firms and government to build with blockchain. Excellent initiative from the city/state that has a leader in fintech…..the CME.

“What started as an early experiment by the state of Illinois to offer insurance services on a blockchain has expanded into a formal state-wide initiative.

Announced today at Blockchain Conference Chicago, the Illinois Blockchain Initiative, a first-of-its-kind consortium comprised not just of companies – but of five government agencies, is a far-reaching measure aimed at not only making it easier for startups to innovate but removing barriers for the government to build with blockchain.”

Source: CoinDesk