Insurance Goes Paperless

Airlines do it. Banks do it. Brokerage firms do it. Birds do it. Bees do it. Oh, got a little carried away here. Now, insurers MUST consider doing it. So, what is “it”? Going paperless. It’s a good thing (unless you wear paper clothes…..Oh!).

It’s a VERY daunting proposition, and certainly an uphill battle, to get insurers to move their claims service onto a paperless internet platform. But, it is an opportunity to bring new technology to customers and make their life easier. The claims part of an insurers interaction with its clients is the most frustrating experience for those filing a claim.

Being able to track, monitor and input new information on the internet (paperless) brings the customer more involved in the claims process for insures and offers a wonderful way to improve insurer/customer satisfaction. AIG says 95% of its claims and underwriting process is now paperless in 57 countries. Let’s go all you other slowpokes.



By Bill Taylor/CEO-FinteKnews


Source: BankNxt