Medical Privacy & Bitcoin

Note from the CEO: We are always very excited to see new ways that bitcoin (or digital currencies in general) can be used for payment. Not only does this platform accept bitcoin for medical quastions it provides another layer of privacy…….very important. Bitcoin in health. YES!

“Ask The Doctor, a Canadian medical startup has officially announced that they are now accepting Bitcoin on their platform to pay for their services through BitPay. The main reason for this is to increase customer privacy using Bitcoin’s anonymity benefits that credit cards cannot offer.

The company’s goal is to allow users to have more confidence when asking questions that they do not wish anyone else to know or are embarrassing. The service itself lets users send questions to experts and receive fast replies without having to speak with a family doctor.

Prakash Chand, CEO of Ask The Doctor said: ‘Many of our users ask extremely sensitive questions from teenage pregnancy to STD’s to drug use that they are too afraid to go to their own doctor’s office to get help for. On top of that, many users don’t want their family members to know. While it does take some extra effort to have complete anonymity using Bitcoin, it’s certainly a large improvement over a credit card.'”

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