Meet Switzerland’s “Bitcoin Queen” Olga Feidmeier

Olga Feldmeier

Where are all the women in tech? Why don’t women get a bigger role in financial sectors? Where are all the talented women? Oh, woe is us. Well, perhaps one should look OUTSIDE the US to such places like……Switzerland. Yeah, its a pretty developed country. Meet Olga Feidmeier.……..the “Bitcoin Queen Of Crypto Valley” in Switzerland. Not only is this a great read for successful women, it also shows how far (like….really far) the rest of the world is ahead of the US. Here’s a “philosophical” question; if Olga was here in the US would she be as successful? Hmmmmm…
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

Back in 2013, when bitcoin prices ranged from $600 to $1,000 instead of hovering around $10,000 as they did last Monday, Olga Feldmeier spent her days working at the UBS bank of Switzerland. By night, she explored new blockchain technologies and thought about the economic travesty inflation once wreaked in her Ukrainian hometown. “I’ve seen what it means to be poor,” Feldmeier told International Business Times. “Security used to be a privilege of the rich. Today anyone can buy bitcoin.”

Feldmeier went from UBS to the the bitcoin wallet provider Xapo and helped establish the Crypto Valley Initiative. “My role was to coordinate the regulatory aspect, to apply for licenses,” she said. “We had this chance in Switzerland to shape the regulatory space.”

Xapo was one of the first bitcoin companies to get official approval to operate in Switzerland as a financial intermediary while being relieved from applying for a banking license. Switzerland is now known for its small and nimble government infrastructure, a great fit for the rapid evolution of blockchain technologies. CoinDesk reported Swiss blockchain industry meetups have more than 2,000 members.

“It made sense to create a new regulatory case for bitcoin…helping regulation to evolve,” Feldmeier said. “You can engage in conversation about how should we regulate this. It’s a much more inclusive process…That is what is unique about Switzerland, which you don’t have in the U.S.” While CME Group Inc. is still seeking regulatory approval to try create lawful blockchain-based futures, to help manage volatility and hedge bitcoin positions, Reuters reported the Swiss bank Vontobel already started trading Switzerland’s first bitcoin futures…

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