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Welcome to your daily dose of fintech & Happy Fintech Friday to you!  Today we have a look at how quant funds are snapping up data to give themselves a trading edge, word that iCapital Network has doubled their AUM with an acquisition from Deutsche Bank and much more..

Fintech Trading:
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About FintekNews:

FintekNews launched mid-2016, so you’re witnessing a new media company being born!  This website was an idea that came to us over a year ago.  In searching for a comprehensive single source of fintech news, we found many different sites that covered many industries individually, but none that covered ALL the pieces of the pie that comprise FINTECH at large.  Those pieces include trading & markets, banking & payments, digitial currencies & blockchain, P2P and marketplace lending, insurance-tech and mortgage-tech, robo-managers, risk management & fraud detection systems plus VC & PE news in the space.

While there are many superb sites that cover one or two pieces of the industry, or cover more sectors but are UK- or Asian-based, none that are USA-based covered them all.  So-that is what FintekNews will endeavor to do.  Since we are launching organically, we will offer a combination of original content and clipped news items in the near term, plus a little humor on the side for you, too!  As we grow, we will expand our original content and add chat, video and other features to the site as well.

Enjoy our content and contact us if you’d like to contribute or advertise on our site or newsleter.

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