Robo Wealthfront Vs Vanguard

Note from the CEO:  Ah, a smackdown pairing a traditional wealth advisor versus a new robo-advisor. A battle for retirement investors with returns the deciding factor. Can you just feel the tension? The bitter trash talking? The effect of a BEAR Market? Oh snap, they can both lose. It’s going to be a long battle so bring your pillows to arena.

“Many people find it difficult to invest for retirement, but there are many financial providers seeking to make the process of long-term investing as simple as possible. Index fund pioneer Vanguard Group has developed a huge number of low-cost alternatives for those seeking to invest for retirement, including target date funds that automatically adjust their asset allocations as investors get close to the time at which they plan to retire.

More recently, though, so-called robo-advisors like Wealthfront have taken a different approach toward serving investors, offering automated management that allows investors to take a similar low-maintenance approach to their money while gaining benefits from relatively low fees and efforts to keep taxes low. For would-be retirement investors seeking easy ways to invest but who value portfolio advisory services that offer aspects of a personal review, the big question is which service meets more of their needs.”

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