WealthTech Insights – Interview with Cindy Taylor

Cindy Taylor
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Vasyl Soloshchuk, CEO of Insart, a wealthtech and java engineering company, for including us in their series on WealthTech thought leaders.  See part of the interview below and click thru for full story at   Wealth.insart.com.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

Continuing our series of interviews with movers and shakers of the FinTech industry, we had the chance to speak with Cindy Taylor, President at Fintegration, marketing consulting firm, and Publisher of FintekNews, industry-leading.

Cindy Taylor
President at Fintegration and Publisher of FintekNews

Prior to starting her own family business, Cindy worked for a Chicago-based media company, as well as in the sales departments of several American magazines. Today, Cindy’s company offers subject-matter expertise to firms in the Banking and Financial Services sector, as well as media players. Along with providing consulting services, Fintegration owns the FintekNews brand, a daily newsletter on global FinTech sector updates that goes out to thousands of wealth managers worldwide.

During our interview, Cindy shared some insights about the industry on a scale, as well as what’s been trending recently. Along the way, we discussed how major players of the niche interact with each other, and what innovative FinTech products and services are being launched in the market.

Q: Please tell us more about your background. How are you related to the wealth-management industry? According to your observation, what trends have been prevailing in the wealth management niche in the past few years?

Cindy: On our site, http://finteknews.com/, we write about financial technology at large. One of the categories we write about is wealth management, WealthTech, and robo-advisors. To give you just a little bit of background: my husband is involved in the business with me., and is aa 30+ year track record as a trader and a hedge fund manager. I have about the same amount of experience in the media. I briefly left the media industry and joined my husband in fundraising 40 million dollars for the launch of a hedge fund he managed.

The reason we started FintekNews is that I missed media because that’s my long-time love and passion, and with my newfound financial background, I started consulting with some financial websites and I also noticed a massive trend occurring with financial technology. What I was finding was very interesting, and we did some consulting with a group that publishes a Bitcoin site. We became very interested in Bitcoin, blockchain, and in what was happening with algorithms in high-frequency trading. We were also observing growing trends in peer-to-peer and marketplace lending. Likewise, we were watching the robo-advisors trend occur and also observed how artificial intelligence was impacting the entire FinTech sector. We tried to find a single website in the United States that would cover all these topics, and we could not. We discovered a site in the UK and we found lots of sector-specific sites but none that covered the US the way we envisioned it should….”

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