The Zigmont Report (Daily Market Recap for 8/3/17)

Mike Zigmont

Mike Zigmont, author of the Zigmont Report, is a partner at New York-based Harvest Volatility Management, a hedge fund with over $10B AUM, offering volatility management solutions to its investor base worldwide.  Mike has been publishing his daily newsletter (Monday-Friday) privately for the firm’s investors and his personal contacts in the investment business since 2008, sending shortly after the market close.

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Waiting for tomorrow.  Not that the nonfarm payrolls data (180k est vs 222k prior) will really shake up the world, but what the heck else are we going to look forward to?

While the S&P fell small today the action was tame and it qualifies as noise.  There’s nothing for us to extrapolate.  Capital flow was about normal at 99%.  Industrials led today (+0.5%) while energy lagged (-1.3%).  So to summarize…. we moved just a little on average flow.

I wish there were something interesting to share with you here but there just isn’t.  Tomorrow we’ll cover the NFP print and any market reactions.  I think we’ll check in on earnings season too.

See you tomorrow,