1,2,3 Blockchains

Note from the CEO: Who knew blockchain came in different flavors? Well actually there ARE different types of blockchain and choosing the right one would, obviously, be a good decision. If you are a sports fan, you sure wouldn’t put a Dallas Cowboys helmet on a Cleveland Browns player and expect to win. Or would you? Hmmmmmm.

By now I am sure most people have heard about blockchain technology and how implementing this new technology can reduce costs, speed up settlements and a myriad of other things. But, which is the best type of blockchain for a particular business? There are three types of blockchain and this article aims to help articulate which may or may not be appropriate. Or, if you even need it.

“Now we all know, Blockchain implementation will reduce the cost of those business which relay on third party for assets clearance.  But when you made your mind to implement blockchain or build something on blockchain, An other question arises? What type of blockchain to use. That’s another confusing thing. We will cover today about types of blockchains. Three main types of blockchains exist:

Public blockchains….

Consortium blockchains……..
Private blockchains……….

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