11 Year Old Fintech Wins Huge Endorsement

Note from the Publisher:  Fintech is so all-encompassing, but it does seem that many of the high profile companies within the category are start-ups or new within the past few years.  One exception is BizFi, founded in 2005 as Merchant Cash & Capital, which provides multiple types of automated financing to small businesses.  They have been selected by a tax professionals organization to provide funding for the organizations members and their customers.

“NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The National Directory of Registered Tax Return Preparers & Professionals (PTIN) (http://www.ptindirectory.com/) has selected premier fintech company Bizfi (www.bizfi.com) to provide its tax professionals, accountants, CPAs and their small business clients with access to funding through its aggregation marketplace via a custom referral process.

The partnership gives PTIN’s hundreds of thousands of members access to the full range of Bizfi’s funding products, including lines of credit, short-term financing, equipment and invoice financing, medical financing, franchise financing, medium-term loans and even long-term loans backed by a guarantee from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Members are able to leverage these solutions for their own businesses as well as refer their small business clients to Bizfi to speed the process of applying for and receiving capital.”

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