Fintech’s Good & Bad

Note from the CEO:  A game changer? A fintech doubter? An alternative view of the fintech revolution and its impact on business’s. Of course there is a lot of hype and new technologies have always existed (prop planes vs. jets) but its real. Obviously we at FintekNews are biased and banking on it. Still……..interesting.

“Mashing up ‘financial’ and ‘technology’ might create a handy buzzword, but it gives focus to a frenzy of speculation and hype that obscures the true nature of the trends that are shaking up the financial services sector.

If you haven’t already seen Tom Goodwin’s much-reused quote about brands like Uber and Airbnb, you haven’t been paying attention.

These brands, which own neither cars nor hotels, are nonetheless the most valuable Unicorns in the world – they are also an easy shorthand for transformative, technology-driven business models that, in essence, seek to own the customer interface.”

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