2008 Was a Very Good Year, Says The Rudin Group, a Financial-Services Marketing Firm Celebrating its 10th Anniversary

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“You’re opening a what?”

At the height of the 2008 financial crisis, April Rudin decided to launch a financial-services marketing firm. “You’ll never make it to 2009!” skeptics railed. But 10 years and hundreds of clients later, The Rudin Group is hearing colleagues sing a different tune:

“Happy Anniversary!”

“The financial crisis confirmed what I knew,” said Rudin. “After decades of relying on the same stale marketing playbook – on stock images of antique compasses, stately lighthouses, and trite messages about ‘navigating to prosperity’ – financial-services firms would suddenly have to differentiate themselves. Retaining clients and winning new ones would now depend on firms’ ability to market themselves distinctively, authentically, and compellingly.”

Born of the financial crisis, the need for fresh marketing was amplified by what came next: the boom in digital platforms and social media – two forces that would forever change the way financial services are bought and sold. In addition to these trends, Rudin anticipated another: The $42-trillion wealth transfer from baby boomers to nextgen, now underway, would force the industry to abandon the “we-put-clients-first” messages on which it had long relied – messages Rudin saw as having lost their appeal.

“I knew that investors deserved and would demand a dramatically different approach to financial-services marketing,” said Rudin.

Since then, The Rudin Group has crafted bespoke marketing campaigns that take a new approach to creating and repurposing content to help enterprise firms, global banks, wealth-management firms, RIA’s and others make measurable gains in AUM, brand awareness, and visibility, all while growing their social and digital presence.


The Rudin Group designs brand and marketing strategies that drive business development. Armed with deep financial services/wealth sector knowledge, it brings innovative campaigns to financial-services firms to strengthen brand awareness. With a knack for niche marketing, the firm delivers solutions that appeal to an emerging generation of wealthy investors and others craving connectivity and transparency. The Rudin Group Brand Ecosystem™ is a proprietary pipeline for producing compliant and compelling content, using proprietary technology that links marketing to business origination. With an extensive network of specialists and consultants, The Rudin Group is equipped to support both visionary and legacy brands from start-ups to global institutions anywhere in the world.