2015 Huge for Blockchain

Note from the Publisher:  We did a double take when we first saw the following stats, but according to TheMerkle (which we love, btw), half of all VC investing in fintech in 2015 went toward blockchain projects.  Blockchain was indeed the new pretty girl on the block last year, but it still getting investments in 2016 as well, although the article notes that the NUMBER of investments are down, although funding amounts will likely surpass last year by the end of the year.  The article did not specify whether the stats were for US or international investments, however and we would note that Asian investment in fintech this year is skyrocketing. 

“An interesting shift is taking place in the world of Fintech funding right now. Even though the total amount of VC funding in Fintech is slowing down, the money flowing to blockchain companies continues to grow. Newer areas of financial technology are always a great source of innovation. Together with Insurtech, blockchain is now one of the leading investment sectors…………

To be more precise, blockchain investments beat all other sectors in the Fintech sectors when looking at the 2015 numbers. Half of the 2015 Fintech funding went to distributed ledger companies, and two in three firms successfully raising money are actively developing blockchain solutions.”

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