2017 Fintech IPO Bets

Note from the CEO: Don’t have enough to look forward to in 2017? Well, here are 4 fintechs that may go public this year so get your wallets/purses out and take a look. Could be “the big one”.

Recent times have seen a slowdown in the fintech IPO markets (thanks Lending Club) but there will always be a few to look forward to. Here are four and descriptions. Get your allocation requests in ASAP (unless you had a Unicorn) since it may be a good year for fintech.

“The fintech world has been going through a sort of an IPO freeze recently. The headwinds created by certain fintechs this year (looking at you, LendingClub) didn’t help much either.

Venture capital funding continued to fall in the third quarter, according to data from KPMG Enterprise and CB Insights. Global financing fell 14%, to $24.1 billion in the third quarter compared to the previous one — the lowest level in two years. But not all is bad: the number of fintech deals inched up over the quarter to a total of 1,983.

Several companies in the field have tapped VCs for considerable funding in 2016, and, experts say, these are the four fintechs that will soon be cracking open the IPO door…..


1) Transferwise…..
3) SoFi……
3) Ant Financial…..
4) Credit Karma…..”


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