2017 Insurtech’s Year

Hey guys, I’m new in town and what’s hot here? WHAT, INSURANCE?? Where am I, Fargo? Oh, it’s London and investors from around the globe came to learn that insurance is the hot fintech sector. OK, next conference is in Vegas.

At the Economist Finance Disrupted conference over in London this week several venture capital folks on the platform (actually, 3 out of 4) said the area of fintech they were most interested in was insurance. Since most insurance startups are early stage they don’t get much attention, nor does insurance overall for that matter, but being overlooked for more high profile sectors means there is great value in the insurance area. True, cheap valuations are rare these days so pay attention to insurance. (Bill Taylor/CEO)

“LONDON — Investors from around the world were asked what the hottest area for investment in fintech is right now at a conference on Wednesday. The same sector kept coming up again and again: insurance.

At the Economist Finance Disrupted conference in London this week, three out of the four VCs on the panel “Unicorns vs. Unicorpses” named insurance specifically when asked what was of most interest to them as an area for investment.

The sector was name-checked by: Yann Ranchere, a Geneva-based partner at fintech VC Anthemis; Reshma Sohoni, the CEO and cofounder of early stage UK fund Seedcamp; and Timo Dreger, a managing director at Berlin-based Apeiron Investment Group.

The other investor on the panel — Technology Crossover Ventures general partner John Rosenberg — had a get out of jail free card. His Silicon Valley-based fund focuses on “growth” investment: funding for proven businesses that are scaling. Most insurance startups are far too early stage to sit in his wheelhouse.”

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