2017 Mobile & IT Trends

Note from the CEO:  OK, it’s that time of year for holiday traditions, family time, parties, New Year’s resolutions AND New Year predictions. Since next year will be 2017 (not on the Mayan calendar but who cares) you will notice all the predictions will be for 2017. Coincidence? I think not.

Here from our friends (?) at Fox Business are 12 Mobile IT and Enterprise predictions for……….yup, 2017.

“The business IT landscape saw a host of significant shifts over the past year. On the development side, the DevOps revolution is marching forward on the strength of innovative technologies such as containers and microservices. At the same time, a burgeoning space around low-code development platforms is making it easier for business users to build apps for custom use cases……Heading into 2017, it pays handsomely to be on the cutting-edge of IT. We spoke to companies and experts from throughout the IT industry on what trends to expect in the new year, and their predictions spanned everything from UCaaS and microservices to chatbots and the Internet of Things (IoT).

A Dozen IT Predictions for 2017

1. API Economy: The New Business Engine….

2. More Speed, More Testing, More Automation….

3. Machine Learning Maximizes Microservices Impact….

4. The Mobile Workstyle Will Dominate the Enterprise….

5. Businesses Will Start Integrating Generation Z….

6. The Rise of Bots in the Workplace….

7. The Unified UCaaS and Collaboration Stack….

8. Compliance-as-Code Emerges as a Top DevOps Priority….

9. CISOs Become the New CIOs….

10. Cloud Projects: The Best Way to Jumpstart Your IT Career….

11. IT Becomes the Data Hero….

12. The Internet of Shadowy Things….”

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