3 Questions with Dr. Kianor Shah

FintekNews is pleased to offer our 3rd installation of our  new feature column “3 Questions”.  Each week, we feature a thought leader within a unique sector of fintech and ask them to answer just 3 questions for our audience.  This week we are pleased to feature Dr. Kianor Shah, a frequent speaker on the lecture circuit for healthcare finance, a practicing dentist, and advisor of Lend Health. 

Dr. Kianor Shah
Lend Health

How did you personally become involved in fintech?

I’m a dentist and an oral implantologiest with an MBA in International Business.  Several years ago as a practicing dentist who traveled extensively,  I had the opportunity to work with colleagues who spoke about their challenges –  lack of business experience &  acumen, start up expense, cost of acquiring new practices and buildiing their patient rosters, servicing more patients once their practices grew, etc.  In the 21st century in the greatest nation on Earth, we should not be in the bottom of health care systems in the world, but on the top, and we also need a fully functioning medical industry for the health of our economy.  If our government cannot solve healthcare problems, we have to turn to each other and to technologies that are availabile in the marketplace.  I believe that P2P collaboration offers very important solutions that have far-ranging implications for healthcare in the United States and that is why I am an advisor of LendHealth.com. 

What is the vision for Lend Health?

We are a group of industry experts and healthcare providers who understand the patient-doctor relationship and challenges patients, doctors, vendors, and service providers face.   We believe we are taking a unique and comprehensive approach in empowering patients, enabling healthcare providers, and encouraging innovators as well as entrepreneurs in the wellness industry.

Conventional financing methods often result in lengthy wait times, low approval rates especially after a burdensome application process. In recent years, financial technologies have given rise to marketplace and peer-to-peer lending, investing and borrowing options.

For patients, Lend Health utilizes financial technologies to increase access to care with better affordability, higher predictability and approval rates. LendHealth finances fee-for-service care procedures, deductibles, and copays that employers, benefit programs, and health insurance companies do not cover.   For providers, we increase the amount and speed of funding.   Also, for our target investors which include other health care providers,  we can now earn by investing in the industry we understand best.   For other investors, we increase ROI and reduce risk and provide what we feel are the best funding solutions in healthcare.

What area/s of fintech do you believe will grow the most in the coming 5 years?

I think that the banks are going to realize the potential.  They are going to do more online origination, more online servicing.  I think that if the industry moves forward, the P2P concept will expand into other areas as well.

That’s not the kind of P2P I’m proposing with LendHealth.  There’s a little more of a true industry peer-to-peer component to what I’m suggesting.  The origination and servicing platforms will do more in the financial industry in the years to comes. 

Stir up the banks, stir up the hedge funds and make sure the fintech movement keeps moving forward.  We’re kicking off what we believe is a massive market for healthcare fintech.  I’m doing it for the patients and the doctors, that’s what I took the hypocratic oath.  We are 21st on the list of countries according to the World Health Organization.  In the greatest nation on earth, that should not be. 


Dr. Kianor Shah is a practicing Dentist and Entrepreneur from Orange County, CA.  As a traveling healthcare provider, Dr. Shah has practiced in more than 300 offices.   As a businessman, Dr. Shah has built numerous co-brand, private label, and Peer-to-Peer partnerships in the Healthcare Industry.