3 Questions with Yali Harari of Innovesta

Yali Harari

FintekNews is pleased to offer our weekly feature column 3 Questions. Each week, we feature a thought leader within a unique sector of fintech and ask them to answer just 3 questions for our audience in their vernacular. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Yali Harari, Co-Founder and CEO of Innovesta, a unique digital platform for early stage equity investments, allowing investors and entrepreneurs to incorporate effective real-time crowd-diligence process.

NAME: Yali Harari
TITLE: Co-Founder & CEO
COMPANY:  Innovesta
WEB ADDRESS: http://www.innovesta.co/

What does your firm do/offer within the fintech sector?

The goal of Innovesta is to create a crowd-based diligence process that is accessible, credible, and allows potential investors to utilize a unique global community of opinion leaders before investing.

As we develop our Innovesta platform, our community of smart and savvy thinkers and who are eager to share their experience and wisdom is being created.

What area/s of fintech do you believe will grow the most in the coming 5 years?

I believe that the online equity funding and ICOs are going to change the innovation landscape. Within that I know we will all need platforms that ensure we connect and resposnd responsibly to what we look at as investors and what we offer as entrepreneurs.

How do you feel consumers (or if more relevant for your firm – businesses) are adapting to the facet of fintech that your company operates within?

We see already, although we are an early on, that people want to make the right decisions and are looking for tools that allow different more comprehensive and market oriented due diligences. We strongly believe that there is wisdom out there that can be more acceisble for these type of decisions and we promise to deliver it.

Yali Harari is  Co-Founder of Innovesta, and has worked in the startups technology space, with experience in leading companies, enterprise software, telecom, knowledge management, social impact investments, crowd sourcing and international business.  She is also co-founder and NY lead of Supersonas Israel, a group of professional women, gathered to create impact and global gender equality.