The 4 Steps ICOs Need To Take to Be Successful


Taking a cue from the group Modest Mouse (love them), “while we’re on the subject can we change the subject now?” NO, we can’t. Lets keep on the ICO subject by passing on 4 things everyone should consider if doing an ICO (initial coin offering). Since we at FintekNews are in the process of doing an ICO we find this is a very topical article, AND since we are doing the very things bitcoin guru Brock Pierce recommends it makes us look smart. Great read and super insight.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales may think that initial coin offerings (ICOs) are an “absolute scam,” but, this summer, with ICOs contributions reach almost the $2.5 billion mark, it’s quite clear that ICOs are changing the funding game for startups.

With these numbers, it’s fair to say the blockchain industry is showing no signs of slowing down. But with such growth, it’s perhaps more important than ever that startups in the blockchain space are managing themselves in the correct way and with the utmost integrity – for their own good and to the benefit of their customers and investors, as well as the blockchain movement as a whole.

Indeed, the market may be steaming hot, but this does not mean that every startup will succeed. Several leading names in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem, as well as some of the most exciting new ICO projects, came together to share advice, innovation and inspiration at a recent meetup hosted in Barcelona by CryptoFriends.

The likes of Brock Pierce, Jason King, Eyal Herzog and Eric Benz – all experts in the blockchain space – gave the audience plenty of food for thought, and if you are seriously looking to launch a startup with an ICO, you should consider heeding their guidance.

1. Weak external regulation requires strong self-regulation …

2. Be prepared to fail

3. Consider offering security tokens…

4. Meet the blockchain community

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