5 Fintechs to Watch for 2017

Note from the CEO:  Yeah, here we go with another 2017 “to do” list. First, erase 2016 from your head…..it’s over. Now, with a clear head take a look at five fintech startups that may burst on the scene next year (or, Sunday actually). Hot tips to you.

With 2016 in the rear view mirror here are 5 ‘startups’ that have actually been around for a bit but will burst into 2017 with a lot of momentum. Its great also since they are all US-based and reflect a broadening of industry trends. Great GREAT read.

“For fintech, 2016 was a year of reckoning. Scandals and layoffs killed industry buzz, and deal activity took a mid-year nosedive. Regulatory uncertainty in the U.S. loomed large, as did Brexit. For some companies, the environment led to a greater reliance on partnerships with big banks, with potential implications for the types of exits that investors could realize. For others, 2016 became a time to retrench and refocus.

Those efforts should start to pay off in 2017. Here, we highlight five U.S.-based fintech startups with growing traction that exemplify broader industry trends……

1)  (Insurtech) Metromile…..
2)  (RETech) Cadre….
3)  (Robo) Stash….