$60 Million Soccer Crowdfunding Campaign

There’s a guy in St. Louis who REALLY wants to see soccer come to that Midwestern city, and he’s started a $60 Million (yup, you read that correctly) GoFundMe campaign to accomplish just that.  Turns out voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot cirecting $60 Million in business taxes to fund a new professional soccer stadium, so Cody Steffen took the matter in his hands and set up a $60 Million GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign.  Doesn’t look like it’s going very far, though.  As of Friday morning (4/7), 199 people had contributed $8,670 toward the $60 Million goal.  We wouldn’t be looking for a new soccer stadium there anytime soon.  A notable cause, though. 

(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

‘The bid to bring MLS to St. Louis might appear dead after voters rejected funds for the proposed new stadium, but one fan isn’t giving up that easily.

The fan has started a campaign on the crowdfunding website Go Fund Me to raise the $60 million required to build a proposed 22,000-seat stadium. The campaign, which started on Wednesday, has raised nearly $7,000 from 151 people, as of this article’s publication.

The thing is, the campaign might, um, take a while. If the campaign raises about $7,000 per day, then it will take about 8,500 days to raise the $60 million needed. So, mark your calendars for 2040, which is about the time funding would be in place to build the stadium

St. Louis looked like a likely choice to be one of the newest expansion teams in MLS as long as a soccer-specific stadium deal could be done. But voters rejected a ballot measure on Tuesday to direct $60 million in business tax increases toward building the stadium. MLS called the vote “a significant setback for the city’s expansion opportunity.”

The Go Fund Me campaign, started by Cody Steffen in St. Louis, is meant to “show that there are people all over the St. Louis area that are willing to give their hard earned money to support this great opportunity.”’…

Source: FoxSports