7 Fintechs for Millennials

We all know that millennials have all kinds of struggles out in the “real world” with low wage jobs (guess Fargo University over promised) and, of course, student debt. Here’s a tip; deal with it and get over it. How? Well here are some ways to begin and millennials have an advantage; they are tech savvy.

While many millennials are caught in a classic squeeze of low wage jobs and lots of college loan debt, it’s no wonder that approximately a quarter of them are depressed. Well here are some ways, and the companies, that can help alleviate that morass. Rise up millennials.  (Bill Taylor/CEO)

“If you’re a millennial, you already know just how hard it is to get ahead. Student loan debt, much of which is shouldered by millennials, surged to $1.3 trillion dollars last year.

That leaves the average college graduate ages 20 – 30 with a monthly payment of $351. And let’s not forget that, as of last year, a large percentage of millennials with a college degree were stuck working low-wage, dead end jobs.

So, while many millennials are working hard to get out of debt, they struggle with low wages that make even keeping up with their bills that much harder…..

Here are seven companies and products helping millennials dominate their finances this year:

1. Mint….
2. Betterment….
3. Haven Life….
4. Personal Capital….
5) Acorns….
6) Money Dance….
7) iQuantifi….”

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