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Fintech VC Deal of The Week – RoboAdvisor Financial Engines Acquired for $3B

By Cindy Taylor/ Publisher - We actually have two VC deals of the week to comment on for you today.  The first is news...

RoboAdvisor Betterment Addresses Site Crash During Market Plunge

Roboadvisors - the bain of many wealth managers existence - and yet they are also so important to a growing generation of investors.  But...

The Shakeout of the Roboadvisor Movement

Roboadvisors, the vice (and future) of the wealth management industry.  Whether you love them, hate them or are somewhere in the middle, the robo-advisement...

RoboAdvisor Dilemma – How Do Feds Regulate an Algorithm?

We at FintekNews have kicked this dilemma around from time to time. Who (and how) regulates the 'robots'? With robo-advisors (actually automated financial advice...

New Ranking Finds Vanguard’s Robo-Advisor Rules The Roost

By Christopher Robbins/ FA-mag.com Vanguard is probably best known for their low-cost mutual funds and ETFs, but its robo-advisor service is earning superlatives as well. Vanguard’s...
Mike Foy

3 Questions with Mike Foy of J.D. Power/ Wealth Management Practice

FintekNews is pleased to offer our weekly feature column 3 Questions. Each week, we feature a thought leader within a unique sector of fintech...
Darren Duffy

WealthTech Review with Darren Duffy of Thomson Reuters

by Vasyl Soloshchuk, CEO and Co-Owner at INSART Darren Duffy - Head of Wealth Management Business Solutions at Thomson Reuters Darren is a subject matter expert...

Robo-Advisor Startups Are Now Going After Wealthy Clientele

By Julie Verhage - Robo-advisors were built on the promise of offering wealth management expertise to the masses. Now those startups are turning their...

Juniper Research Shows 12-Fold+ Increase in Robo-Advisor AUM & Revenues Within 5 Years

According to Juniper Research, current robo-advisor revenues were estimated at $1.7 billion in 2017.  By 2022, the firm is also estimating that those revenues...

Just in Time for the Holidays, Betterment Launches New Charitable Giving Service

Roboadvisor Betterment has devised a great new way for their customers to give to charities.  Through their new Betterment Charitable Giving service, clients can...

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