Adaptable Blotter Takes Top FinTech Prize

The Adaptable Blotter, from FinTech start-up Adaptable Tools, has been voted top
technology innovation by Europe’s leading banking professionals.

The Adaptable Blotter, a game-changing component which is revolutionising the
financial desktop, took top spot in the Dragon’s Den session for up and coming
financial technology at the Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit held in Amsterdam last

John Greenan, industry expert and one of the summit dragons commented:
It’s great to see technology that enhances operational and developmental
productivity through excellence in design and implementation. Adaptable
Tools won the Dragon’s Den session and will continue to win for their

Adaptable Tools CEO, Danielle Nagler added:
We’re delighted to get this vote of confidence in the Adaptable Blotter. It
was pleasing that so many financial industry leaders recognised how the
tool enables our users to be productive and efficient, eliminates huge
waste and duplication in existing processes, and offers full standardisation
across the financial desktop.

Adaptable Tools was founded in 2014 by Danielle Nagler and Jonathan Wolfson. It
focusses on creating flexible components for financial services systems, with clients
including international banks, financial software houses, and independent brokerages around the world.

1. The Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit took place from 6 to 8 November at Beurs
van Berlage in Amsterdam.
2. The Adaptable Blotter is a powerful DataGrid add-on that replaces the current
multiplicity of incompatible DataGrids / blotters with a single data-agnostic
feature rich solution which can plug and play into any application or system,
providing a standardised interface across the whole organisation.
3. To see the Adaptable Blotter in action, visit;
more details at