AdaptableBlotter.JS Releases Update of Popular FinTech HTML5 Grid Component

AdaptableBlotter.JS Version 1.1

Today we released the first, scheduled quarterly update of our popular FinTech HTML5 grid component.

This latest version includes many enhancements requested by our growing user base in Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and financial software houses.

It confirms AdaptableBlotter.JS as the most powerful and compelling financial HTML5 Blotter on the market today.

Visit our demo site to see this new version in action.

Highlights include:

  • Ability to define all elements of a Conditional Style (e.g. fore colour, back colour, font size, bold etc.).
  • New Quick Access Buttons in the Dashboard so users can easily access their most commonly used functions.
  • New Filter Control for the Dashboard showing which columns are currently filtered – with the option to turn off all filtering with a single click.
  • Dynamic Date shortcuts (e.g. today, next working day etc.) which use the currently selected Holiday Calendar.
  • User Interface improvements including: new Colum Selector control, better theming integration, new wizards and an enhanced colour palette.
  • Administrators able to provide custom themes (e.g company colours).
  • Facility for developers to create Searches, Layouts, Editing Rules, Conditional Styles etc. at design time and ship them to their users.
  • More information about each data edit or user configuration change sent to Audit Log to enhance quality of compliance and regulatory reports.

Contact the sales team to find out how to access this new version.

Or visit our website to explore all the features AdaptableBlotter.JS has to offer.

Additional HTML5 grids coming

AdaptableBlotter.JS extends popular HTML5 grid components – providing, out of the box, all the powerful functionality that financial users have come to expect and which in-house teams need to develop themselves.

AdaptableBlotter.JS already supports many of the leading vendor and open source grids, as well as providing our own Adaptable Grid specially configured to work closely with the Adaptable Blotter.

AdaptableBlotter.JS provides the same functionality regardless of which underlying grid is chosen.

We have a list of grid controls that we plan to integrate with AdaptableBlotter.JS; we are currently implementing the powerful ag-Grid which offers excellent aggregation and server filtering capabilities.

If you have a favourite HTML5 grid that you would like to see working with AdaptableBlotter.JS, get in touch and we’ll take a look.

Multiple blotters working together

At Adaptable Tools we work hard to make your work easier.

So one of the current projects heading your way soon will enable multiple browser-based blotters and other trading widgets to communicate and share data in the same workspace.

We are working closely with Finsemble – an OpenFin application framework which provides infrastructure, services, and components for quickly building HTML5 multi-window desktop applications.

So, for example, a trader could have multiple blotters (e.g. positions, trade and pricing) all sharing data, updates and even filters, while also accessing other vital applications like charts or trade capture screens – and all from within a single application.

More details on this exciting development to follow…

See it for yourself

If you want to trial AdaptableBlotter.JS yourself, please visit our demo site where you can see the latest version of the Blotter running using dummy data.

The demo includes one vendor grid (Telerik Kendo) and one open-source grid (OpenFin’s Hypergrid) and a link to the source Github repository.

Please note that developer licences are free – so you can play with AdaptableBlotter.JS to your heart’s content – but a paid-for annual end user licence is required for each production user.

Contact our sales team for full licensing and pricing details.

AdaptableBlotter.JS help site

We hope that AdaptableBlotter.JS is as easy to use as we can make it.  But we realise that help can be needed.

Our support site is now up and running – giving end-users, developers and administrators all the information they require to maximise their use of AdaptableBlotter.JS.

So make the AdaptableBlotter.JS help pages your first port of call to discover how to get the most out of this groundbreaking FinTech product.