AI Can Now Be Used to Predict Partnership Marketing Relationships

partnership marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at work (again) in another field; partnership marketing. Performance Horizon has developed an AI application that can predict how partnerships will perform in the future. By the way, this is a HUGE space that has been kind of overlooked. Being able to predict how partnerships will perform before setting out sure saves a lot of time and effort (money too). Hmmmm, just thinking, does AI predictability work for sports betting, too?
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

” Thus far, any and all partnership marketing data had to be managed and reconciled by hand. It took ages for specialty data scientists to find any trends, and growth happened slowly. Some have said that partner marketing has been largely swept under the rug as digital, social, and branding have grown in size.

But AI has brought a sea change to the partner marketing space: with AI, the partner channel can be fully ‘grown up’, data-driven and powered by AI 24/7 with tested algorithms.

One company, Performance Horizon, has built the first AI application that allows for customers to predict future performance of partnerships in the channel by automating all the manual tasks, allowing new growth, scalability and transparency. Malcolm Cowley, CEO of Performance Horizon, envisions this app as just the beginning of what AI can do to change the partner-marketing ecosystem. Cowley, along with his team, are planning to roll out more AI-enhanced capabilities very soon to help customers meet their needs at even faster speeds

I spoke with Cowley recently about the changes AI and machine learning is bringing to partner marketing that will truly revolutionize the space.

How are you using AI to change what is happening in the performance marketing world?

It’s really groundbreaking on two levels. People don’t realize how big the partner marketing opportunity really is — it’s vast. We’re really aiming to be a single-point destination for partnerships, and we believe the key monetization model of all those partnerships over time will be performance-based. You’ve got all these brands that want to scale partnerships, but they need technology to be able to do that, and Performance Horizon today has done a great job with providing the base-level technology to be able to partner with anybody, anywhere and apply a performance-based commission model to it…”

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