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Hawaiian Legislature Reviews Financial Implications of Digital Currency

Aloha State & Bitcoin


Oh Crap! Almost not sure if I can put this up since Hawaii is my partner’s (and publisher of FintekNews) most favorite place ANYWHERE. Anyway, Hawaii’s legislators see a “Vast Potential” in digital currencies as well as blockchain technology. Hawaii’s lawmakers already have a House Bill to kick things into high gear. Surfs up and Aloha.

A lot of states are setting up various studies, forums or even incubators and hubs to encourage capitalizing on blockchain technology and even digital currencies. A couple of Hawaii’s legislators have a House Bill (1481) to begin researching this new technology and how the island sate can benefit. Obviously one way is tourism and bitcoin which would certainly make international travel easier. Hawaii sees see’s Bitcoin having broad benefits for Hawaii and blockchain for its diversified industries. Going to start packing now.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“Democratic representatives Mark Nakashima and Chris Lee from Hawaii have sponsored a bill in hopes of creating a friendly environment for Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the island state. The proposed legislation encourages using these technologies to benefit the local region’s tourism.

Hawaii’s House Bill 1481 Sees ‘Vast Potential’ in Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology
Slowly but surely many state governments throughout the U.S. are studying and trying to define Bitcoin and its underlying technology. Just recently, two legislators from Hawaii sponsored House Bill 1481, which aims to begin the research of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The bill states that the legislature has recognized “vast potential for this technology to drastically change and improve public sector operations and private industry capabilities.”

The Hawaiian representatives are planning to create a digital currency and blockchain working group. The think tank will establish a group consisting of both the public and private sector “to examine, educate, and promote best practices for enabling blockchain technology to benefit local industries, residents, and the State of Hawaii.” The legislators believe the group can best assess practices regarding blockchain technology.”

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