Another Bitcoin ETF View

Note from the CEO: Thank you SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission NOT the college footbal conference) for protecting the investing adults. A bitcoin ETF developed by the Winklevoss twins (Facebook leftouts) has been tied up by the SEC, who has also held seveother similar ETFs back as well. But, NOT a pipedream since the W twins just teamed up with State Street to get it done. Let the SEC fight with State Street.

“News of a potential launch of a bitcoin ETF has taken centre stage in the US after Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) threw a spanner in the works by refusing to make a decision about whether or not to allow the launch to go ahead.

The regulator instead said it was seeking additional public feedback on the proposed launch, which would trade baskets of shares tracking the digital currency.

This proposal has been put forward by twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who have been advocating the launch since 2013. They already run the WinkDex, a bitcoin price index, and Gemini, a bitcoin custodian and exchange, according to MarketWatch, but the ETF would be the first one of its kind.

Another company seeking to launch an ETF tracking the value of bitcoin is SolidX Management, which filed a request with the SEC in July, but is subject to the same delays as the Winklevoss brothers.”

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