Another Bitcoin TV Show

Note from the Publisher:  Over the weekend we learned that a SECOND televisoin show revolving around fintech and digital currencies (this time, it’s “Gencoin”) is about to air, beginning September 6th – “StartUp” – from Sony-owned Crackle – an online distributor of original web and television shows, plus movies.  We wrote about Mr. Robot, a bitcoin-related television show in a recept post also.  We are frankly surprised at how the topic of digital currencies is hitting mainstream (or slightly left of mainstream) media, but we shouldn’t be.  This is more proof that bitcoin and the whole digital currency space is part of the lexicon now, and none other than the behemoth media entity Sony is betting that this series will take off.

“Crackle’s latest original drama, StartUp, is focused on a beguiling visionary. Cuban-American tech whiz Izzy (Otmara Marrero) has devoted her scrappy existence to creating “GenCoin,” a smarter, safer type of BitCoin. It’s an idea she says will change the world. All she needs is someone to believe in her and to give her money to get it off the ground.

In a way, StartUp is in the same position as its heroine. It’s a show with ambition: the drive to make it in the age of peak TV and to become Crackle’s game-changing prestige drama. See, cable networks and streaming platforms know now to make it into the larger TV conversation, they need that one show that comes out of nowhere, wows the critics, and demands viewers and advertisers alike to take them seriously. AMC had the double-whammy of Mad Men and Breaking Bad, Netflix had House of Cards, and USA had Mr. Robot. Crackle clearly wants StartUp to be their game-changer show — the one that elbows them into the same room as rivals Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. So is it?”

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