Octopus Investments Backs New Fintech Accelerator

Note from the Publisher:  As we’ve said in the past, each day we scour the web for what we feel are the most important stories about fintech’s many sectors for our readers.  Certain days, themes emerge as we see several stories around the same subject area.  Today that subject is “fintech accelerators“, as we’ve just learned a new corporate-backed one has openend in London, with backing from Octopus Investments, whose VC arm has had twosuccessful fintech exits already, including the sale of Swiftkey to Microsoft, Magic Pony (love the name!) to Twitter, and also has an investment in Zoopla. 

We are seeing incurbators and accelerators emerge all over the planet, backed by both local governments and corporate entities, or in some cases both in combination.  What makes this accelerator interesting is the fact that it has occurred post-Brexit, at a time when many fintechs are looking to potentially leave th UK. 

“The investment firm behind one of London’s top venture capital funds is doubling down on one of the hottest areas of tech with a dedicated lab specialising in all things fintech…..

Octopus (Investments) is looking for firms already at the stage of being ready to launch a product, eyeing up either investing in the startups it accepts into the program, or incorporating them into the lab’s own range of products which it will also be working on.”

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