Apple Discovers Bitcoin, Adds ฿ Symbol


Not wanting to rush into anything to quickly, Apple decided that perhaps Bitcoin was going to stick around. With that acknowledgement Apple is adding a Bitcoin symbol to its new icon set. The folks at Apple are notoriously slow at adapting innovation in the cryptocurrency space so the very fact they have a Bitcoin symbol join their icons is a big deal. Especially for Bitcoin. Bitcoin gets more credibility and Apple gets to step into the real world. Read more below.

Bill Taylor/Fintek Capital

“If Apple were an animal in the Bitcoin kingdom it would be a tree-dwelling sloth. Moving at an incomprehensively slow pace to join in the cryptocurrency revolution and opting instead to disrupt the credit card industry with the underwhelming Apple Card.

The Apple Card is a product so lacking in innovation that it uses Goldman Sachs for the banking side and Mastercard for the payments…

…Offering generations of smartphone users a custodial hardware hot wallet, the company seemed to have lost its way. However, the world’s slowest mammal may be responding to Bitcoin’s mating cry, at last, adding the symbol to its latest icon set.

OK, so this latest move may not set off any marching bands in the Bitcoin community just yet. But what may seem like one small step for an icon might just be part of the giant leap for mankind.

Not exactly. Not yet anyway. While its recent patent filing to the SEC eluded briefly to blockchain technology, it was far from a battle cry.

The filing “Summary of Apple’s Commitment to Responsible Sourcing,” was more a focus on Apple’s continued efforts to be an ethical company than its all-out embracing of blockchain.

The company did, however, yesterday announce plans to launch its new Mac Pro at a starting price of $6,000 (with an upward price of potentially $45,000). Whether this new addition to the Pro collection that will gather traction remains to be seen…”

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