Artificial Intelligence Estimated at a $15.7 Trillion Impact

Artificial Intelligence

So, what will be the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) on society? I mean, other that destroy us all (laugh nervously)?  No matter what anyone thinks/speculates one thing is for certain – there will be a huge economic impact and the way business is done will certainly change. So, here’s a great story that focuses on AI, fintech, blockchain etc from PwC and Accenture and estimates a massive $15.7 Trillion impact. Advice? Get with it, makes lots of money and pay Elon Musk to get you to Mars.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“For the people most immersed in the tech sector, it’s hard to think of a more controversial topic than the ultimate impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society.
By eventually empowering machines with a level of superintelligence, there are many different possible outcomes ranging from Kurzweil’s technological singularity to the more dire predictions popularized by Elon Musk.
Despite this wide gap in potential outcomes, most technologists do agree on one thing: AI will have a profound impact on the society and the way we do business.

The Economic Impact of AI

Today’s infographic comes from the Extraordinary Future 2017, a new conference in Vancouver, BC that focuses on emerging technologies such as AI, autonomous vehicles, fintech, and blockchain tech.
In the below infographic, we look recent projections from PwC and Accenture regarding AI’s economic impact, as well as the industries and countries that will be the most profoundly affected…”

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