Artificial Intelligence Just Tapped Human Memory

Human Memory
OMG. The robots may be getting memories so that they won’t forget what they have learned. That means they will be much smarter. That’s Way to big an advantage over we humans (try and remember last St. Pat’s Friday night). Google’s DeepMind enablers are in cahoots with the AI crowd and out to get us. BUT, just wait till those robots have a couple spiked oil martinis. See what they remember then.  It is a good insight.

(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“As great as artificial are at doing specific tasks they’ve been programmed to do, they’re really bad at remembering pretty much anything they’ve been taught. However, that may be about to change as AI may soon receive the benefit of a new human-like memory system that means no longer will forget what they’ve learned and they will suddenly become much, much smarter.

Goggle’s DeepMind engineers have been busy demonstrating just how close the associations between our own brain’s and that of AI has become. As part of their continued research, they’ve been busy teaching their AI to dream and fight one another, as well as beat online gamers. But one task that’s been accomplished that’s even greater than those is the fact that they have created an AI that has the ability to retain knowledge between tasks. Even as the AI moves on to new tasks, long-term experiences are created from raw memories.

To demonstrate this issue, the engineers compared the high scores from a series of old Atari games from their memory enhanced AI to that of a control AI with no special memory.  The results showed that as much as the control AI tried, it could only demonstrate slow, low-level skill increases where new skills would overwrite the old ones….”


AI Receives Boost as Human Memory Implanted in System