ATA RiskStation™ Now Available on Fusion Capital Management Turnkey Asset Management Platform

DALLAS (March 19, 2019)ATA RiskStation™, a comprehensive portfolio risk oversight technology for financial advisors and compliance professionals, and Fusion Capital Management, a premier advisor platform providing a turnkey asset management solution enabling advisors and institutions to optimally service their clients, announced today that the firm has selected ATA RiskStation™ to drive comprehensive portfolio risk assessment and risk monitoring on its Fusion Elements platform. ATA RiskStation is a Global Risk Utility℠ delivering customized, comprehensive and Intuitive risk analytics on a daily basis.

“We’re are very excited to add c™ to the Fusion Elements platform,” said Ryan Borer, President of Fusion Capital Management. “ATA’s RiskStation’s new market leading Enterprise Compliance Dashboard will allow advisors, management and the compliance teams to view risk across the whole firm, giving intuitive and actionable views across all client households.”

“The relationship between advisors and their clients regarding portfolio risk has come front and center since the financial crises. Advisors need the very best tools to explain risk to their clients and maintain portfolios that best meet their client’s needs, objectives and tolerances. ATA RiskStation™ will be a powerful asset and fits well into our goal to help provide advisors with an Operational Edge using Fusion Elements,” Borer said. “Poor operational process can impede the success of even the best advisor, and Fusion’s focus on that Operational Edge is aimed at removing that timely and costly frustration advisors face in their daily operations – to give them back time that they can spend on revenue-generating activities.”

“We are obviously both honored and delighted to help Fusion Capital Management continue raising the bar for advisor technology and operations,” said Aladin Abughazaleh, CEO of ATA RiskStation™. “Our mission is about supporting a non-quant advisor to engage a non-quant client about portfolio risk. Ultimately, we want advisors to help their clients to stay on plan and minimize the impact of emotions on decision-making – particularly during periods of market stress.”