ATL Rocks Fintech

Note from the CEO:  We at FintekNews just have to include this article as a matter of civic pride since we are based here in the Peachy city. It is true, there is a lot going on here in the ATL tech-wise and a whole lot of tech firms are growing rapidly. Not much of a sports town (unless its SEC football) but techies don’t really care anyway.

Tech is growing at a fast clip here in Atlanta with startups flourishing, established tech giants relocating to the city which is attracting more and more “brains”. We see it at Starbucks every day since the Atlanta Tech Village (Buckhead version) is right across the street. Atlanta even has a university named after the new industry; Georgia Tech (joke, it’s a football school……..that’s a bigger joke). Anyway, read up on the growth and GO ATL.

“Atlanta’s fintech players include some big names and big employers —NCR with 3,250, First Data with 900 in the city and a total of  1,500 in the great Atlanta area, and InComm 650. KPMG has 1,142 including some experts in real-time payments, but fintech is probably only a fraction of their total head count.

When London-based TruRating, which lets shoppers rate their experience with a business at the moment they pay for it, was looking for a headquarters location in the U.S., Atlanta stood out.

“I love Atlanta.  It’s the U.S.’s best kept secret for a start-up,” said Georgina Nelson, the company’s founder and CEO. “We initially chose Atlanta because all our global payment partners were down the road, in Transaction Alley, the incredibly good value office space and the busiest airport in the word – so quick routes to our other offices,” she explained.

Source & Full Story: Forbes