Augmented Reality Meets Finance With New MoneyLion App


Consider this mere baby steps in the technological evolution of augmented reality, but fintech MoneyLion has developed an app that uses augmented reality to overlay a stack of cash on top of an item image.  They claim it enables users to better visualize how much cash is actually required to finance the purchase of that item, since people seldom use actual cash any more.  It’s slightly hokey, or perhaps “Poke” would be a better term, since it uses the same technology as the popular Pokémon Go app.  Either way, making finance fun is a worthy cause in our eyes.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher) 

“Grow Your Stack is the PFM app developed by MoneyLion in its latest attempt to make finance “fun.” And fun it is.

The feature , which goes live on Tuesday on iOS 11 (the version supported by the newest iPhone), can be found in the MoneyLion mobile app and allows users to see a visual of their “stack,” Tim Hong, Chief Marketing Officer at MoneyLion told Bank Innovation. 

“Money is a mysterious commodity, but with this feature you can actually see what your money looks like,” said Hong.

“For example, say you have $5,000 in  your savings account. Most of us don’t really know how that sum actually looks like,” Hong said. “This app gives our users that visual of what $5,000 looks when the bills are stacked on top of each other. The feature is fun and interactive, and that’s the fundamental of MoneyLion – to make finance accessible and fun….”

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