Bancor, After Raising $153M in an ICO, Starting to Deliver on Its Live Network


Well, nice to “officially” know that a super large ICO (initial coin offering) is panning out. Bancor, which raised $153M (yeah, that’s a lot) via the aforementioned ICO, has launched it’s “live project” that lets folks buy and sell tokens on the Bancor Network. You can do this from the web with prices automatically calculated from Bancor’s open source Protocol formula (its proprietary ya know). This is pretty cool and its nice to see they did something with that $153M.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

Much has been made in 2017 of ICOs and while the end of the year saw a fall in momentum, they are now as much a part of the funding landscape as were the crowdfunding phenomena before them.

While many are still divided about their efficacy and their future, some of the companies behind the biggest raises are beginning to deliver on their previous successful ICOs.

One case in point is blockchain protocol company Bancor that raised $153 million in June this year. Six months on from its Token Generation Event, the company is making significant progress covering developments since the crowdsale.

Previously, the Bancor Network Token (BNT) launched through one of the largest crowdsale campaigns in blockchain industry, raising that $153 million from 10,885 participants in less than three hours.

Bancor has now launched a live product that allows anyone to buy and sell tokens in the Bancor Network directly from the web, at prices automatically calculated by the open source Bancor Protocol formula.

The Foundation is now introducing a handful of significant new features, helping end-users to adopt the product more widely and new partners that are continuously announced to streamline integration into the network.

The newly deployed functionality, announced partners, and expanded 2018 ‘bounty program’ show the solid progress and positive momentum Bancor has achieved in six short months since its ICO.

The company addresses the need for a Smart Token standard that can link all cryptocurrencies together into an autonomous and decentralized liquidity network, eliminating the ‘Double Coincidence of Wants’ problem in token exchange, while also enabling a long tail of cryptocurrencies to thrive…”

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