Bank’s FinTech & FunTech

Note from the Publisher:  How refreshing to see a bank innovation that is truly enjoyable for their customers and empolyees.  German bank Volksbank eG Schwarzwald Baar Hegau (say that fast three times after doing a shot) has set up a really cool new tech experience using “NCR’s SelfServ 85 kiosks” (no silly, NOT the NCR SelfServ 75 kiosks!!!).  Customers can also interact with drones (yikes, flying drones inside banks sounds dangerous!), 3D printers, VR glasses and more.  Great way to get customers IN the bank and create a very cool vibe for the brand.

“Feeling uninspired?  Ready for another vacation, even though summer hasn’t quite come to a close?  Need a tech boost? Just plain afraid of tech? While other banks have set up incubators and sandboxes, German cooperative bank Volksbank eG Schwarzwald Baar Hegau has opted for a road less traveled, banking on NCR’s new ‘innovation experience room’, a space packed with the latest technology, such as virtual reality headsets and drones designed to help build digital literacy and inspire innovation among employees and customers.

‘Our new Playroom provides a new motivation for our customers to come into our branches and try out newest technologies that most of us only know from media reports. But what’s more, we effectively demonstrate to our customers and employees that we are thinking about future developments and are breaking new, creative grounds involving all parties,’ commented  Volksbank eG Head of Business Development Thomas Bader.”

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