Banking, compliance, and “fintegration”

From The Publisher: We’re a bit partial to this article because of the word “Fintegration” in the title, which is the name of our corporate entity……………

“Disruption seems to be everywhere today, and one of the poster children for that is Uber, the app-based transportation service. Banker Tom Ryan said that people often like to cite Uber as an example of how to break through regulatory limitations.

But is Uber really a model that banks can emulate?

In his view, Uber was able to launch as a “P2P” service, not subject to commercial regulations. Once it grew to an increasingly large following, that critical mass of consumer users enabled it to overcome entrenched regulatory norms—even up against New York City’s powerful Taxi and Limousine Commission—and change the rules of its real business.”

Full Article from BankingExchange