Banks Fintech Investments

Note from the CEO: So when the banks take YOUR money where do they invest it? Well in new technology of course (or pay increases/bonus’s) and specifically Fintech. Here are some of the ways they are spending their R&D dollars.

“…..Banks and corporations are keen to obtain the best solutions available, and one of the approaches taken is to set up an accelerator, startup or innovation lab. Established players can provide resources, trust, credibility, access to clients and scale.

Barclays have created Techstars Accelerator, an intensive 13 week programme that allows start-ups in different locations to get access to mentoring, funds, and technical expertise. More than 50 companies have been helped, the most notable being Everledger, but also including AgentCash, Cuvva, Cashforce and Social Lender.

Visa has created Visa Europe Collab, an accelerator that works with banks, start-ups and innovators to create new products and services. They have created six priority themes: B2C, Blockchain, Smart Cities, Inclusion, Authentication, and Emerging Retail Journeys.”

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