Battle of the Blockchains

Note from the CEO: Well here we go again. FintekNews has reported about the the ongoing debate (or battle) between the Ethereum challeger and the Bitcoin champion. Here is some more ‘trash talk’ on the “fight”. Bitcoin in the 6th round on a TKO.

“To date, Bitcoin is perhaps the most well-known blockchain platform, but others like Ethereum are starting to change that. Because users can build applications using Ethereum to transmit information quickly and securely, the platform is gaining a reputation as “the first global computer,” or a global network that anyone can program and use.

Ethereum is always on, secure, and public, but how does it compare to Bitcoin? The Blockchain technologies seem to be complementary rather than competitors.

What is Blockchain Technology?  Blockchain is a decentralized infrastructure used to transmit and store information. The technology can move values among parties, represent who owns those values, and maintain clear and accurate transaction histories to ensure transparency.

Ethereum: a Smarter Blockchain?  Because Bitcoin technology is limited to performing relatively simple transactions tailored mainly to financial transactions, Ethereum was created by Canadian developer Vitalik Buterin with the goal of expanding Bitcoin’s functionality and improving the platform generally.

At first, Buterin worked on creating protocols that affix to Bitcoin to add functionality.  In the end, Buterin decided to start from scratch, and created an entirely new protocol that is proving to be more complex and comprehensive than its Bitcoin predecessor.”

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